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Clean Neighborhood

Affordable Housing & Homeownership


Is committed to not only invest in the heart of our community and its residents, but also the lives of its citizens. With each property we purchase, sell or hold, we fund and support the immediate needs of our region. When you partner with us, you help to provide:

  • employment and housing for U.S. Veterans

  • hope for the sexually exploited

  • training and job skills for emancipated or at-risk youth

  • help for those with special needs

  • support to the elderly

  • opportunities for people striving to regain the basic necessities of life in order to restore hope in themselves and their future

Housing Works USA is a 501(c)(3) public

charity organization



With the emphasis placed on cities to offer more affordable housing, there is a need to implement strategies in housing that will make a big difference. One way is through the renovation of properties with the environment and affordability in mind; Energy Star appliances, low-E windows, water saving fixtures, LED lighting, and other energy efficient and cost-saving measures.


We are creating job opportunities for veterans, and bringing solutions to the homeless crisis while establishing living wage career pathways for at-risk youth in the Building/Trades and Construction industry.


By partnering with other Non-Profits Housing Works USA is involved in mentoring at-risk youth, providing hope for families in need, building Tiny Houses for homeless Military Veterans and providing shared housing for those recovering and transitioning back into the workforce.

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